6 Easy Ways to Make your Home Smell like the Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays is a lot of planning, shopping, cooking; something that will probably make your house look like under construction during the following weeks. But you can start getting that Christmas vibe earlier using some holiday smells in your home. There are many cheap and low-effort ways to do this, Keep reading to know-how!


Pomanders have been used to mask odors for centuries. A long time ago, someone discovered that clove-studded citrus fruits, like oranges, gave off a pleasant fragrance that lasted for whole weeks. Nowadays, we have many ways to improve the smell of our home, but few like this all-natural and DIY little perforated orange. You only need cloves, oranges and a pair of creative hands to do it. You’ll make the house smell like holidays in no time!

DIY Homemade Lavender Rosemary Candles

Feeling crafty? Doing your own candles may sound complicated but it really isn’t. Besides, you can customize the strength of the smell, find everything you need in your nearest store, and give to your loved ones your decorated creations. If you can gather some soy flakes, wicks, lavender and rosemary essential oils, jars, and wax, then you only need half an hour to make this aromatic candles.

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DIY Some Peppermint Spray

This one is a no brainer. If you don’t like the artificial odors of season air fresheners, try making your own spray. You only need spray bottles, distilled water, and peppermint essential oil. Add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil to 8 ounces of distilled water, then fill your spray bottle with the resulting liquid. Quick and simple as that.

Simmering Christmas Pot

If you’re a candle person, then you probably love making this potpourri. The best thing is you can use whatever you have on hand, although it is recommended to use one of the must-haves Christmas essences like vanilla, cinnamon, citrus or ginger. On a cold winter day, leave this simmering Christmas pot on the back burner of your stove and let the holidays vibe warm everybody in the house.

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DIY Scented Pine Cones

Why buy a small and expensive bag of scented pine cones when mother nature gives us all the pine cones we need? Go to your yard or local park and collect them, then wash them to remove the dirt and finally sprinkle with cinnamon essence. Some people want their pines to open more and that’s why they put them inside the oven; however, this isn’t recommended because pine cones are very flammable and they can cause a home fire.

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine has many names around the world but it causes the same Christmas feeling. A warm mug of mulled wine will gather the family in the middle of sweet holiday smells. And the best part: you can prepare it in 15 minutes! (although it is advisable to leave it in the stove a little longer so that the spice’s flavors can mix smoothly with the wine). Just remember you don’t have to let the wine boil because you’ll lose all that precious alcohol.

Follow one or two of these recipes and you’ll have your home smelling like Christmas in no time. But remember that a messy home can affect your Christmas vibes (and your mood) so we put our cleaning services at your disposition. Give us a call and be prepared for the holidays!


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