The Best Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and candy will soon run out in stores. Everybody wants the best candy, the popular and more advertised treats that lots of children love. Some parents can be left behind in the game. Perhaps too busy to buy treats on time or wanting more healthy options that won’t sugar rush the kids.

But nobody wants to be a party pooper, like the house that ignores Halloween completely or the parents that give out grapes and apples. So, learning about the best candy alternatives for Halloween can help you out. These options are not DIY non-candy alternatives but surely you will reduce the amount of sugar in children’s treats.

Spooky organic fruit snacks

Let’s face it: popular candy brands have the advantage. Children know them very well. But if your treats have some spooky shapes, that will catch some looks, right? Also, these fruit snacks are sweetened with organic fruit juice, cane sugar, and colored naturally. Nutritional profile? Check!

Single served packs of popcorn

Who doesn’t love some popcorn? Even if it isn’t the most popular candy treat, the convenience of a ready-to-eat snack can attract some weary trick-or-treaters. And even better: these single served packs are all good-old popcorn, organic sunflower oil, and sea salt.

Honey Sticks

Still a sweet treat, but the beneficial properties of honey are well known. Some of are: antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal power, and can give less sugar rush to children. And in this practical presentation, you don’t have to worry about parents being suspicious about unpacked treats.

Dark chocolate bars

Chocolate is a classic; no wonder it sold out fast in stores. Instead of a Hershey’s bar, you can give this nutritious treat. Antioxidant and mineral-rich, also melt-in-your-mouth yummy. 

Organic vitamin C lollipops

If you want a more traditional candy treat, you can opt for some lollipops. Avoid unwanted artificially colored candy with this organic and vitamin C boost option. And parents of allergic children will thank you because these sweet lollipops are nut and gluten-free.

Vanilla crispy squares

Free from nuts and safe for school, these yummy vanilla crispy squares can compete with the famous Rice Krispies treats. Another soft and sweet, good-to-go snack,  that parents and children will love.

Fruit and veggie strips

Don’t be the parent that gives grapes or apples on a Halloween night. This fruit and veggie strips could help you secure your reputation and care about the children’s health. Bonus: the other parents will appreciate this instead of some suspicious and unpacked fruit.

Organic apple juice

Sweetened only with fruit juice, this drink will lower the sugar consumption in children. Besides, the trick-or-treaters could be thirsty after a long walk from to house. You can easily turn this option into a DIY non-candy alternative with apples and some cool decorated vessels.

Cheese sticks

Help the little walkers regain stamina with some fun, full of protein, cheese sticks. Kids can’t say no to some yummy, yummy cheese! Hopefully, when the trick-or-treating is done, their little bellies will be full and they will ration the candy better.

With two or three of the last options, combined with your creativity, you can make treat-or-treating even better and more healthy. Traditions are a great way of building a community and we thank you for improving it. Happy Halloween!


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