The Best Hobbies to Make New Friends in 2019

Let’s say it together: Making new friends as an adult is way harder than when we were younger. That’s a harsh reality because adult life can get lonely amidst all the chores and responsibilities you have to carry out, and when you finally get some spare time, how do you spend it?

This little article will help you tackle two of the scariest things you can do, no matter how young or old you are: Trying out fun interesting hobbies and meeting new people. You might be tempted to say no already, but just think how good you’ll feel if you find something you love AND people to share it with, all in one stop. Sounds good, right? Let’s get right to it!


Joining a fitness class

We’re going big on our first entry for this list because a fitness class can become an activity you love, allow you to meet cool new people, and do wonders for your health and body on top. Three great benefits for the price of one! Yes, just joining a gym can be intimidating enough, but then you realize that you’re never the only one to feel that way.

The best part is that a fitness class will allow you and your new peers to see each other get better each day, and few things are as inspiring than that, which can do wonders for your collective self-esteem and help you get close together if you don’t give up on it. This is truly one of the best hobbies to pick up in your 20s because it gives you a new health-conscious habit, a great summer body, and you pick up a couple of friends on the way, what else could you need?

Try volunteering at a charity, historical site or cultural center

This can be especially good for you if you work from home, because it gives you a reason to get out of the house more often, and you’re helping many people along the way. If it’s a charity, make sure to pick a cause that you consider important or significant enough that you won’t lose interest down the line. You’ll give something back to the world, improve your resume and meet new people constantly.

In the case that you pick a historical site or cultural center, remember to be well versed on the topics that surround you, because few other choices imply so much face-to-face interaction, and this is your chance to keep the conversation going and turning strangers into friends. If your interest is genuine, however, you’ll find someone to talk to in no time.

Take a part-time course on anything you like

The number of courses out there is astounding if you know where to find them, from cooking and baking to learning about modern literature, and even becoming your accountant (if you’re into that, of course). You can find courses at all times of the day for pretty much every level, so you’ll never feel out of place with what you know.

This is another great option that will help your self-improvement and expose you to a large group of people that all share a set of common interests, knowledge and even schedules with you. Be sure to use your newfound mastery of cake responsibly, however.

Gaming has something for everyone, really.

There are a lot of misconceptions around gaming, and the community constantly gets a bad rap online because of a few bad eggs. However, it is also a great way to make friends, and that’s especially helpful if your schedule is too tight or you live in a smaller place where not much happens. Both consoles and PC gaming have a plethora of options for you to play online in a multitude of genres. How about a fantasy role-playing game? Or racing sports cars with people from around the world? And helping someone build an amazing fortress?

Even if your job has you interacting with lots of new faces every day, the chance to communicate with people from around the world while in the privacy of your home might sound appealing, and there are plenty of stories about friendships blossoming through the screens. Give it a try!

Join a book club

It’s a great time to be reading books in 2019, and really, few other hobbies require you to actually talk to the people around you. Check your local bookstores and online listings in your area for a book club that interests you, or even better, create your own around your particular tastes. How about a horror book club? Or one about picking apart books that are so bad, they’re hilarious?

Try to keep it lighthearted, however, are literature is one of the things that people love to get riled up about. Great friendships can come from the biggest disagreements, however, so who are we to judge how things develop after you join?
There you have them. These are all great hobbies that will not only help you improve yourself, but expand your circle of friends with new and interesting people. Just remember to have your place cleaned before a get-together so they’ll want to come back.


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