Top 5 Dallas Indie Theaters to Break Away From the Crowd

Some people might be OK with the crowds, the noise, the average snacks and drinks, and the (sometimes below) average movies that are part of the cinema-going experience, especially on the chain multiplexes that are all over the country. But there are others who want more out of their movie night. Some people wish the venue to love films as much as they do, and the experience to reflect that completely. This is the list for the latter people.

Dallas has a variety of historic and modern cinemas that offer something different from the regular movie night that most people are accustomed to. Whether it’s better food and drinks, a deeper selection of movies being shown, or a more distinguished etiquette when playing the movie, these five independent theaters are where you’ll find other film buffs who, like you, want only the best when it comes to a movie night.

Landmark Inwood Theatre

Originally built in 1947, the Inwood is a survivor from the golden age of American cinema—one of the last of its kind in Dallas. It no longer has the original 1,100 seat auditorium in once had, but in its place are now three smaller screening rooms, including a luxurious Screening Lounge Auditorium that offers guests couches, love seats, and LoveSacs. While the movie catalog has gotten more and more mainstream over the years, the theatre still offers classic midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Room. You can even grab a drink before or after the show at the Inwood Lounge. A charming experience you won’t want to miss.

The Texas Theater

The Texas Theater, which you can find in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, boasts one of the most interesting stories out of any other American movie theater. Not only was it once owned by eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, but it was also the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was finally apprehended on that November day in 1963. But it’s not morbid curiosity that should motivate you to visit The Texas Theater, but its beautiful decoration, the air of opulence that fills the rooms, and the state-of-the-art equipment used to screen independent films and old classics that should bring you to it.

Angelika Film Center and Café

There’s something about good films, drinks, and movies that really makes them go well together. If you prefer a more refined experience than watching the latest blockbusters or rom-com over a bucket of salty popcorn and sugary soda, then the Angelika Film Center and Café down in Mockingbird Station is the place for you. Enjoy a sandwich, a pastry, or maybe a glass of wine, all of which you can take into the theater with you. Film buffs will love to know that the Angelika is also the host of several independent movie festivals and discussion groups.

The Magnolia Theater

A trendy spot in Uptown West Village, the Magnolia Theater is a truly sophisticated space dedicated to the classiest film experience you can have. Grab a specialty cocktail at the Magnolia Bar, have a delicious dinner at Campisi’s Restaurant, then watch an independent film in one of their comfy leather seats. The whole place was renovated just a few years ago, so the digital projection and sound system are of the highest quality. The Magnolia is a place where the most ardent film lovers will feel right at home since they regularly show the newest documentaries available.

The Lakewood Theater

The Lakewood Theater has offered Dallas an escape from the real world for over 76 years, an experience that begins when you notice the 100-foot tall art deco tower looming over you as you cross the front door. This is a single-screen theater, which means that you won’t be subject to the noisy crowds and movies that regular theaters have every day. Visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of independent films and cult classics, among others, and some live entertainment events that are sometimes hosted on the premises.

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