Top Missed Areas Office Managers Miss When Cleaning

It’s 5 pm. You’ve scheduled appointments, managed all the vendors, scheduled meetings, ordered supplies, listened to staff, managed schedules, regulated office operations, and somehow created the best presentation your boss has ever seen. The last thing you want to do is make the office clean and tidy, but it’s part of your job description as an office manager. Just as you begin, you grab two straggling employees to aid in your crusade.

Tailor Maid Cleaning will show you the top missed areas in your office when cleaning and what to clean at work. Of course, you can avoid all this by just getting a professional cleaning team to work in your office. 

Keyboard & Computer 

Whether you work at a private workstation or share a unit, the keyboard and computer is an actively used piece of office equipment that is easily soiled. We take for granted the little cough, a slight sneeze, crumbs from a snack, or just multiple hands touching the keys—you don’t know where those hands have been. It’s important to disinfect the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and all touchable parts daily. 

Office Phone 

Again, the office phones are potentially handled by many people throughout the day. Even if handled by few, phones are carriers for infections. It’s important to clean not only the handle but also the earpiece and the receiver. The more an object is touched, the more it’s likely to contain germs. 


In a place of business, doors are the gateway to your place of operations. It’s also a breeding ground for fingerprints, food soil, grime, and other germs. It’s essential to clean the door thoroughly to prevent the spread of infections. Also, make sure to dust the ledge above the door. This is an easy-to-forget area but the accumulation of dust will only agitate allergies in the workplace and ultimately spread germs. 

Kitchen Appliances 

The staff break room should be the responsibility of the whole office and this is the responsibility of the office manager to see that it’s done. However, there are a few items that might get overlooked. When cleaning the microwave, make sure to also clean the input pad, the handle, and the door. The same thing goes for the refrigerator and toaster oven. The sink and sink handles should also be properly free of germs. Dust frequently on top of any cabinets and large appliances to keep down allergens. 

Large Objects 

To prevent unnecessary sneezing and coughing, dusting should be part of your daily regime. An area frequently missed is on top of large objects. Dust and dirt often accumulated behind large furniture, therefore it’s important to keep these areas clean. Make sure to have assistance when moving heavy items. 


Whether you share your office chair with another shift or have it all to yourself, you should sanitize the arms, back, and seat daily. Plastic and cloth can hold all sorts of germs and could become a breeding ground for more serious bacteria. Tailor Maid Cleaning recommends keeping hand sanitizer and a box of tissue at your desk at all times to reduce the spread of germs and the risk of sickness. 

It is 6 pm. The office smells like lemons and orange with a hint of bleach. Your back aches a little but you can’t deny that you run the cleanest, most efficient office in the building. You thank your staff as you follow them out the door. As you look back, you smile at the “Business of the Year” award sticker on the glass pane and know that every day is worth this moment.


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