6 Remote-Learning Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Your Kids Focused

The potential of having your children take classes at home again this fall is proportional to the headaches it causes to parents. You probably already had a small taste of this last spring after students were sent home because of the pandemic. If you’re again setting up home classes with your kids, just in case schools don’t reopen fully, these home education tips will come in handy. Some of them are about keeping your home clean and tidy, and home cleaning in McKinney serves as a huge help for this venture. However, others are about creativity and new ideas to keep your classes fresh (and your kids happy and focused, hopefully).

Want to know how to homeschool a child. Keep reading this blog! 

  • Designate a learning space

To keep your students happy (and your sanity safe), set the rules of homeschooling. Start by designating a classroom, ideally not the living room or any other area that has distractions. Even if you end up teaching in the kitchen and your kids learning on the dining table, it’s best to organize everything in one place. 

  • Set cleaning schedules and goals

Setting a homeschooling routine has many benefits, like creating a lasting habit and making it easy to clean and tidy up. But, routines can be hard to build up, especially with small children that get bored, annoyed, or distracted. Try different types of routines and observe your kids’ behavior. Choose the schedule that better suits your cleaning chores and the students’ learning habits. Also, teach your kids the cleaning tasks, and they will do their part. 

  • Buy tools and equipment that motivate

If you’re having problems with your kids having to take classes at home, maybe it’s time for a little investment. Although comfortable chairs, desk, and bookcase are useful, try to stay creative and think of what will stimulate your children more. A bulletin board, blackboard, play area rug, and lots of paper and colors will build the ideal environment for learning. See what keeps your children motivated and use all these new devices to keep the brain work flowing and attention at full. Most of the days, this could work, but remember to be patient! 

  • Color code learning

Without the help of teachers at help, you’re going to have to help your kids distinguish between topics and classes at home. Especially for lower elementary grades, color coding can mean a big difference. You can choose a color for each topic, and apply it to every book, notebook, and paper organizers around the home. This will give your classes a more sensory experience, ideal for kids. 

  • Take the class outside

2020 will be remembered as the year of school at home and outdoor schooling also. Taking classes in different and more spacious locations is a safe measure many schools will implement. For you and your kids, this activity has more to do with maintaining the classes fun and dynamic. Take the books or laptop you need, but most importantly, your energy and creativity. Take advantage of your surrounding and fresh air and combine the class with some stretches, physical activity, or sightseeing. 

  • Apply the school topics to home chores

As mentioned above, one of the best advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility to translate traditional classes into different settings and activities. Combine the topics with daily activities and physical exercises, like playing board games, writing emails, household tasks like laundering or budgeting, visiting parks, or going shopping to the farmers market. Try to do at least once a week to keep your classes fresh and your kids’ motivation up.

These distance-learning tips will help you maintain your home tidy and clean during your classes at home if the need arises again. However, if you need extra help with your home duties, book a cleaning and disinfecting service with Tailor Maid Services.



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