Here’s a Checklist for Cleaning a Home If It’s Your First Time

Nothing beats the relaxed ambiance of a tidy, spotless apartment. It doesn’t matter what happens out there; a clean home is always a refuge. All it needs is a little organization and planning to get your home neat and achieve that peaceful feeling most days, and with home cleaning services in McKinney, you can do it right away.

Furthermore, a simple cleaning checklist will help you breakdown housework into manageable everyday tasks, or be a good house cleaning schedule for a housekeeper. To help you get the dirt out, use this room-by-room essential house cleaning checklist.

Living Room

Make it your priority to clean your living room, since it’s the first room your visitor will inspect on arrival. The sofa is likely the focal point of your living room, so fluff the pillows and straighten its blankets. The living room floor should always be clean. To achieve this, use a hand vacuum or a carpet sweeper to pick up any dirt from the floor.

Concentrate on sights that are visible: sofa cushions, rugs in the center of the room and coffee table. Using a wet cloth, wipe off fingerprints and crumbs from table tops. Arrange table magazines and books neatly, and stack remote controls in one place.


Fun fact: we spend around one-third of our lives asleep. This is reason enough to ensure your bedroom is always comfortable and clean.

It starts with a bed, so make your bed every morning. A messy bed will affect the appearance of even the cleanest. Fold or hang clean clothes and put the dirty ones in a hamper. While in the bedroom, put away jewelry immediately you take them off. Also, take into consideration the vacuuming high-traffic area if you see the need.


A common problem in kitchens is the piling of oils and grime. Oils settle everywhere after cooking; from walls to floors to dishes. Apart from soiling where they spread, kitchen dirt possesses a stale smell that proliferates. Additionally, disease-causing bacteria and germs thrive well in unsanitary places.

Move dirty dishes to the dishwasher and wipe down the sink using a sponge. Wipe down countertops with a damp sponge and a regular cleanser. Wipe the floor to remove sticky dirt and don’t forget to hang or fold your clean dish towels. Separate wastes when needed, and take the trash out daily.


We love being clean and having a well-maintained bathroom can help you dispose of your problems comfortably. Bathrooms are the rooms where we clean ourselves, so they also deserve to be clean. McKinney home cleaning can be a real help at this.

Wipe out your bathroom’s sink bowl and faucets using surface wipes, which won’t stain your mirror or chrome with streaks. As for the toilet rim and seat, wipe them using a washcloth before giving the toilet bowl a quick scrub with a brush. Also, replace worn-out bath mats, rugs, and waste buckets. Last but not least, quickly spray the curtain liner with a daily cleanser to minimize the buildup of soap stain and mildew.

Other Living Areas   

a.    Lobbies and Corridors

These are among the most ignored parts of the house, maybe because they occupy a finite amount of space. Still, they are some of the frequently used sections, though they rarely get cleaned up. But if they do, it’s usually because they lead to our favorite rooms.

b.    Windows

Use a streak-free wiper to clean your windows. For large or top windows, clean them with a quality squeegee. Remove window screens from frames and scrub them with a bristle brush and all-purpose cleaner before rinsing them.Note that, to maintain an excellent reputation for your home, you have to subject yourself to cleaning rules. And having an easy house cleaning schedule by your side will help break down the chores. Use this cleaning checklist as a guide or hire professional cleaning services to help you deep clean and declutter your entire home.


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