Protect Your Health While Visiting A Waterpark: 9 Essential Measures To Follow

Summer is here! And while the Texas’ government is planning to re-open public swimming pools and water parks, many residents are concern about the current pandemic. Water parks’ safety is crucial right now. That’s why we wrote this blog, gathering some of the most important measures—according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)—any Texas swimming pool and waterpark should apply to ensure the welfare of its visitors. 

Of course, you have to do your own: wear your face mask, practice social distancing, bring your own towel if you like, and follow the preventive measures inside the facility.

  1. Trained and protected staff

Like any other business, the water park you visit should have all their team trained and wearing the proper protection items, like face masks. Also, they must follow a strict protocol to guide the swimmers through the safest way possible.

  1. Essential supplies

As you may know, soap, hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol), paper towels, and no-touch trash cans are necessary to avoid COVID-19 in any public site. Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette—like sneezing under the elbow—must be rules that are easy to follow for everyone.

  1. Signs and messages

Besides the general guidelines about washing hands and facemask use, your waterpark must use visible signs to guide you through the right process to stay safe inside the facility. The CDC encourages these kinds of businesses to communicate the best way to use the pools, bathrooms, breakrooms, and other communal spaces.

  1. Proper assignment of duties

Waterparks are encouraged to instruct some of their staff to monitor the preventive measures, but team members like lifeguards are not meant to follow this line of action. Look for the staff that can help you with COVID-19 matters.

  1. Physical barriers

For communal spaces, the CDC advises the use of physical barriers or modified layouts to separate people and ensure social distancing. The fence can be as sophisticated as plastic and transparent walls to minimal as lane lines or tape on the decks.

  1. Staggered use of communal spaces

According to the Texas government, indoor and outdoor waterparks must operate up to 50% of their capacity. Also, they are encouraged to stagger the number of staff members working at the same time and even the swimmers that occupy a pool. Every park will have its own unique measures at this point, depending on the spaces.

  1. Don’t wear a facemask in the water

Although, face-covering is critical to avoid the virus, wearing them while being in the water can lead to difficulty breathing.

  1. Ventilation

Look for waterparks that have proper ventilation. Letting fresh outdoor air circulate through the park is a good measure that can lower the virus spreading.

  1. Frequent disinfection protocols

Of course, waterparks and all workspaces and businesses must follow strict disinfection protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors. Frequently touched surfaces like door handles or doorknobs, faucets, and railing must be appropriately disinfected several times throughout the day, among other cleaning measures.

Once you research if your water park is following these essential measures, you can have some fun with a calmer mind. Remember that if you need a home cleaning and disinfecting service, Tailor Maid Services is the company that you need to call. Book your service on our website.


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